Antonio Marcegaglia at innovA: we are interested in Ast Terni

September 26, 2018

Antonio Marcegaglia at innovA: we are interested in Ast Terni

During innovA, the convention of innovation for the steel industry held in Brescia, the Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia expressed the group’s interest in a possible acquisition of Ast Terni.

“When a process of possible divestiture of Ast Terni will start – as we understand from the statements of the top management of ThyssenKrupp, the Terni plant is not strategic for their group – we will certainly look at it with great attention.”

“We have a large consumption of stainless steel, Terni is our main supplier, we are by far their most important customer and we are leaders in stainless steel tubes: we have all the characteristics to make a series of industrial and commercial synergies and, in our growth path within our core business in Italy and Europe, we feel qualified for this race. For the moment we are studying and reflecting, because there is not yet a formal interlocutor, but we do not exclude possible partnerships in this operation. In any case, we certainly want to play a leading role as a group.”

Here you can see Antonio Marcegaglia’s speech at innovA.


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