1959-2019: Marcegaglia celebrates 60 years of history

January 10, 2019

1959-2019: Marcegaglia celebrates 60 years of history

2019 represents a special year for the Marcegaglia group.

In 1959, exactly 60 years ago, Steno Marcegaglia established a small factory, Marcegaglia-Caraffini, specialized in the manufacturing of open profiles for roller shutters. The company was taken over a few time later and re-named Metallurgica Mantovana.

These facts marked the birth of the Marcegaglia group, which today has operations worldwide with 6,500 employees, 60 sales offices and 21 steel plants, with 5.6 million tons of steel processed yearly. Marcegalia serves more than 15,000 customers, with a turnover of over 5 billion euros.

The 60th anniversary of Marcegaglia will be full of news and surprises: stay tuned.


Plant and sales offices Vladimir
Str B. Nizhegorodskaya Nr. 92 B 600020 Vladimir
Russian Federation 600020 Vladimir,  PO BOX 8
+7 (4922) 40-56-63

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