“Tensil-Pro®” finalist at the Global Awards for Steel Excellence 2020

June 18th, 2020

“Tensil-Pro®” finalist at the Global Awards for Steel Excellence 2020

Tensil-Pro® has been nominated in the “Best Operational Improvements” and “Best Innovation – Process” categories of the prestigious Global Awards for Steel Excellence 2020, organized by Fastmarkets, one of the world’s leading data providing platforms on commodities.

Tensil-Pro® is therefore a Marcegaglia solution that has the dual objective of reducing costs and increasing production efficiency.

Tensil-Pro® fits fully with the objectives of “Industry 4.0“, aimed at energy efficiency, digitalization and innovation of process and product and is the result of constant and continuous research and development that makes Marcegaglia a leader cutting-edge market, with great attention to quality throughout the entire production process.

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