“Casa Marcegaglia” project has been presented

June 18, 2019

“Casa Marcegaglia” project has been presented

Marcegaglia, the global player group leading in the transformation of steel with 5.8 million tons processed each year, operates with 6,500 employees and 25 factories around the world, producing 5,500 kilometers of stainless and carbon steel artifacts every day, for over 15,000 customers. In 2018 the turnover of its core business (95%) and diversified (5%) activities exceeded 5.3 billion euros, with an Ebitda of 411 million (386 million euros referable to Marcegaglia Steel). Founded in 1959 by Steno Marcegaglia, has its headquarters in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantova) and it is entirely controlled by the homonymous family of Mantua, with Antonio Marcegaglia, president, and Emma Marcegaglia, vice president at the top of the association, of which they are also CEO. Both, collecting in 2013 the witness of their father, contributed together to guarantee new and continuous development to the group, consolidating its leadership on the market.

The group, structured in two main holding companies of its various corporate units, Marcegaglia Steel (which includes core business activities) and Marcegaglia Investments (for diversified activities), is present in a various range of industrial sectors together with the primary one for steel, which also includes constructions, building, domestic and household products, electromechanics, tourism and real estate.

In 2019 the Marcegaglia group launched an investment plan of around 600 million euros over the next five years to strengthen the activities of the main factories of its production chain in Italy and in Europe.

HOW MARCEGAGLIA GROUP WILL CELEBRATE THE 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF ITS FOUNDATION Marcegaglia group will celebrate this year the 60th anniversary of its foundation with a series of initiatives and events that will concern its employees (for having contributed to bringing the company to success and world leadership in its sector), the Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus (to expand its activities in the field of human solidarity in Italy and in the poorest areas of the world) and, mainly, its territory with its community (as the main force and propelling resource of its continuous and profitable development).

To the Mantuan territory, which has become today the “world capital of steel transformation”, the Marcegaglia group will reserve its greatest celebratory commitment, to give it an important innovative reality, through the new project “Casa Marcegaglia”, able to enhance all its historical, artistic, cultural, economic and social values expressed.

CASA MARCEGAGLIA “Casa Marcegaglia” will be a permanent museum structure standing on an area of ​​1,300 square meters in the headquarters of the homonymous industrial group, located in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti.

The great museum complex will trace the history of the founder, of the family and of the Marcegaglia company in each of their evolutionary periods, through a dynamic story.

The exhibition itinerary will unfold in eight thematic stages, each of which will be equipped with various interactive installations and multi-functional illustrative spaces and it will starts from the tree-lined area of ​​the park in front of the headquarters main entrance, which will deliver a new landscape to the entire surrounding area and where it will be possible to stop and discover some anticipations of the different contents displayed in the interior spaces. At the entrance guests will be welcomed by a sail, a new construction in steel and glass, with the “Buddha of Steel Life” installation by Zhang Huan and by stations with constantly evolving contents. In the center of the structure, steel will change its shape turning into art and culture, flanked by a theater for conferences, debates and the projection of immersive and emotional films. Inside, the history, rich in artifacts, memories and testimonies of the extraordinary human and entrepreneurial adventure of its founder, will frame the production of all the “made in Marcegaglia”, telling how to realize the widest range of semi-finished and finished steel products in the world. An academy, as a highly specialized educational crossroads for the training of the group’s employees, and a digital library, as a continuously updated historical and technical archive, will be the final stages of a journey through an entrepreneurial and corporate reality that, making great of itself, has also made its importance for the territory.

The “Casa Marcegaglia” project, which will be inaugurated in 2020, has been conceived by architect Vittorio Longheu, professor of architectural design at the Milan Polytechnic, while its curating and exhibition development is entrusted to the art curator Elisabetta Pozzetti.

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